Our search for genetics has always had a clear focus: to produce cattle that thrive in a broad range of climatic conditions and a high-quality Angus beef product.

From the outset, we sourced some of the best genetics this country has to offer; these include sires and dams from studs such as Te Mania, Hazeldean, Ardrossan and more recently, Karoo. And since then we have continued to improve bloodlines to adapt to ever-changing market conditions.

The Angus cattle used in our breeding programs are the very best performers, selected due to their temperament, fertility and structure - and are bred to thrive in a range of landscapes and climactic conditions. We ensure a six-week joining period with our cattle, allowing us to quickly identify the most fertile breeders in our herd (a benefit which is passed onto buyers looking to establish their own quality breeding programs) and have zero tolerance for female Angus cows that fall pregnant outside of the joining period.

The selection of these genetics allows us to:

  • Provide our domestic and international consumers with some of the most high-quality and consistent Angus beef available
  • Supply national beef growers with females and sires so that they can also produce a high-quality Angus beef article