We operate under a set of guiding principles, which underpin all of our business decisions and allow us to remain focused in an ever-changing landscape.

  • Sustainability
    Our practices must be sustainable to ensure we are here well into the future; which means respecting the environment in which we live and work and constantly improving our country and our knowledge of our surroundings. 
  • Quality
    Quality is our key focus when making decisions. If the quality of our product would be compromised by a decision, we look for an alternative solution. 
  • Genetics
    The genetics we select are of the highest quality - with no exceptions. Quite simply: without the best genetics you can't produce the best beef. 
  • Respect
    Our team of Angus beef enthusiasts respect our cattle as much as each other and our husbandry methods are based on the welfare of our animals.
  • Partnerships
    We will continue to build strong partnerships within the beef industry at all stages of the supply chain.